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  1. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Henry Perenara - Worst ref in the comp

    Agree, Spaghetti Perenara is the worst ref in the NRL, by a mile!
  2. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    The Locker Room (Wolfie).

    Great guy, the Wolfman. Went out of his way to chat with my disabled son in the Brookvale Oval sheds even after he had been heavily concussed in a game against the Storm in 2013. That meant a heap to my son & I.
  3. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Tangles gone ( effective immediately)

    In Des we trust!
  4. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Jarryd Hayne, the forgotten man

    Jarryd who???
  5. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Melbourne Storm Sponsor Goes Bust

    Couldn't happen to a better team: https://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/selling/purplebricks-was-destined-to-fail-in-australia/news-story/ee2bdcf235963ab21d3f8305b189b05e
  6. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Something strange ...

    You mean these: Weren't they stylish!
  7. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Mad Scientist Cryotherapy

    But what about the shrinkage?
  8. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    The Guthersation

    Manly should be able to offer $100k less and still get him. Who would want to either live at Parramatta or have to commute there???
  9. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    DCE 4-6 weeks

    I hope that DCE is not rushed in to the QLD team without having played any come-back games for the Sea Eagles.
  10. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Croker today has delivered

    I have watched a few NSW Cup games this year & Croker has hardly set the world on fire. However, I am pleased that he played so well on Sunday & hope that the extra responsibility of DCE being out will take his game to a new level.
  11. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Who is our best ever half?

    You left out Jason Ferris!
  12. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Malcolm Reilly

  13. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    We’re favourites?

    Manly by 1 in golden point.
  14. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    The Guthersation

    Doesnt he also still live on the Northern Beaches?
  15. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Malcolm Reilly

    I stumbled across this on a UK website. Great Polo shirt: Product description Product codes Delivery & returns Heritage Mal Reilly Hall of Fame Manly Sea Eagles NRL Rugby Polo Shirt $37.91 No tax if shipping to Australia - all prices are shown ex. VAT. Price including UK VAT: $45.50
  16. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    Wombat is doing it tough

    I had the number 1 on the back of my Manly jersey when I was a kid in the 70s. Wombat is my all-time favourite player. Hope all goes well with the surgery.
  17. Sea Eagle 4 Life

    The Manly Penalty Count

    Even the refs hate us & we don't care.
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