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    I fit were true, it would be ALL OVER mainstream media... and I’ve heard and seen nothing at all...

    Any cool manly presents

    I got a training shirt and a team polo.. so stoked!!

    Zorba hooks into 9.

    The main reason is that their “contract guarantee” as a commentator is part of the package that allows certain teams to keep certain player methinks..

    Our Des

    Yeah a very good article... And either way, watching the ‘08 GF makes me happy in the pants :)

    Our Des

    Here’s the full game on YouTube... assuming you meant 2008 anyhow lol

    Our Des

    He’s Manly. Simple as that.

    Hall V Gallon ...?

    Vasyl Lomanchenko.... Possibly the best I’ve ever seen... just poetry in motion to watch. Highlights from the Linares fight...

    The Bush fires ....

    We are getting gusts up to 60kmh here, and it’s dry as hell... this will play havoc with any bush fires..

    The Bush fires ....

    It’s pretty hot and hazy here atm.. the wind is the real worry though, gusting up a bit high now and will play havoc with any fires..
  10. KOMORI

    The Bush fires ....

    We’ve got some friends from out Emmaville way that are staying with us after being evacuated... I will make them Manly fans by dawn ;)
  11. KOMORI

    The Bush fires ....

    I live near Glen Innes... we are fine where I am but there’s been fatalities nearby..
  12. KOMORI

    Rothtools latest Manly ****e

    This is actually more likely.... what better way to glean information than to deliberately bait the Silvertails, then just wait and see what wild theories WE come up with?? All he has to do so sink schooners and pick a vague but plausible enough story.... and there you have it!! Journalism at...
  13. KOMORI


    If that someone is Justin Hodges... Well I’m ok with that @:D@:D@:D
  14. KOMORI

    Jake and Addin racing the clock to be fit for Rd 1

    I didn’t even know that either of them were carrying shoulder injuries lol
  15. KOMORI

    Sea Eagles for Sale ... (again)

    Whilst I do agree that these are salient points, it’s not enough to copy pasta an old article with a few new embellishments! Any journalist with an ounce of self respect would steer well clear of this sort of sad journalism... Oh... it’s Phil... Carry on, nothing is lower than the bottom of...
  16. KOMORI

    The Kieran Forum

    Whatever he’s done in the past, you’ve gotta feel for the poor bloke!!
  17. KOMORI

    NRL pull too strong for Manly CEO Stephen Humphreys to ignore

    @globaleagle’s gunna be all Canadian furious hehehe
  18. KOMORI

    NRL pull too strong for Manly CEO Stephen Humphreys to ignore

    Well... he’s gunna be around for a while anyhow! Rumour is he can’t pull out of a driveway either heheh
  19. KOMORI

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Even the courts have a Manly loading?? Probably a case of Mase being relatively high profile, and given that the last two times they’ve gone after high profile Manly players in Dylan and Snake, they’ve ended up looking rather foolish...
  20. KOMORI

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Ooooh that’s ageist!! I’m 44 in a few days.. not sure I even have a cerebral thingy!!
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