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  1. Yokozuna

    Sonny Bill .. Flogged

    I used to watch those too. Can’t forget, Bob Sapp 😩 (I don’t think I ever seen him win a fight) and Mirko Cro Cop (never saw him lose).
  2. Yokozuna

    Austin Dias signing

    My Dad had this car - I think it was the first car he bought and he just hung onto it. Always tinkering with it. I remember he had a radar detector in it and he liked to count down backwards at red lights and beat everyone off the mark. What was annoying was that all my friends talked ****...
  3. Yokozuna

    What does Penn get out of Manly?

    Reminds me a little of "The Joker"
  4. Yokozuna

    I am sorry

    Burn it 🔥🔥🔥
  5. Yokozuna

    Pre-Game Titans v Manly [Round 15, 2021]

    We only get to a few games a season - Suncorp and cbus are certainties - hopefully we can go down to Sydney for a game too this season.
  6. Yokozuna

    NRL . Com top 8 finals predictions and no one rates us

    and that Paul Suttor has the Bulldogs and the Sharks making the 8. Probably get good odds on both the sharks and dogs making the 8. I think the sea eagles will be in there. I like the off season signings and hope that a couple of the players show further improvement and we also don't suffer too...
  7. Yokozuna

    [Resurrected] Turbo injury, injury, healthy, injury - update

    I guess I agree with - B. No big sponsorship deals or third party deals - this is difficult in a crowded Sydney market but the more success we have the more enticing we will be. I did check out the sponsorships, and we seem to have many with even Wormald still down as a partner, we have a...
  8. Yokozuna

    NON Manly games [Round 9, 2020]

    Tedesco and Keary have improved. Morris twins are playing better than they have in a while in 2020
  9. Yokozuna

    Hadley wants AFB gone for 8 weeks

    Agree. Someone pushing in at a traffic jam - "what a retard!" I am not comparing them to someone with special needs but more the dictionary definition - delay or hold back in terms of progress or development. So, in my view, socially the person who sneaks up the service lane on the left and...
  10. Yokozuna

    The dissection of todays team - sell or keep

    Agree. Jorge ran it hard. Tried to break tackles and run through the line.
  11. Yokozuna

    Annesley admits Manly should have been given a penalty in his opinion

    Disgusting ... I think it was Ballin on the end of those elbows
  12. Yokozuna

    Slight change needed

    It concerns me when we are in attacking positions and everyone looks lost. Standing very flat. I like to see players running on to the ball and challenging defenders. It would really help our wingers if they were on the end of these types of movements. Unfortunately, although they are all...
  13. Yokozuna

    Workers trial result

    No problem. I was trying more to clarify the Titans catchment area statement as boys from both schools can get Titans contracts (junior development / junior rep). You will find that at Keebra there will be boys with contracts with NRL clubs other than the Storm, probably the Storm are paying for...
  14. Yokozuna

    Workers trial result

    Yes. Tweed Heads Seagulls, Burleigh Bears, and Central Queensland Capras are all feeder clubs for the Titans. Burleigh were only aligned with the Broncos for one season (2009).
  15. Yokozuna

    Workers trial result

    Palm Beach Currumbin and Keebra Park are not feeders for any club. Just high schools. Although both are on the Gold Coast. The boys in their teams that are signed to clubs are signed to a variety of nrl clubs - most of the contracted or club rep team players at Palm Beach Currumbin are Titans.
  16. Yokozuna

    Game Day: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2: 2019]

    I think you may be right. If there is one game Walkz should get fired up for is this one.
  17. Yokozuna

    Fox Joke!

    Andrew Voss, Warren Smith, Blocker, and Brandy are the in game commentators that I prefer. My favourite footy talk show is "Over the black dot" I like Timana Tahu's analysis and George is really good too. Brett Finch has changed over the past few weeks getting really fired up on some topics. I...
  18. Yokozuna

    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    100% agree with that. The Bears must have a good system up there as they also won the national title a few years ago. Getting past all those Sydney sports high schools, PBC and Keebra is massive.
  19. Yokozuna

    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Round 15: Titans v Sea Eagles 2019]

    I thought @HoldenV8 got it pretty right in the thread where he rates all the players.
  20. Yokozuna

    Game Day: Titans v Manly [Round 15, 2019]

    A few more sets of photos from Saturday's game at CBUS game from instagram -
Team P W L PD Pts
4 4 0 41 8
3 2 1 28 6
4 3 1 26 6
4 3 1 16 6
3 2 1 0 6
4 2 2 23 4
3 1 2 4 4
4 2 2 2 4
4 2 2 -2 4
4 2 2 -9 4
4 2 2 -10 4
4 2 2 -12 4
4 2 2 -13 4
3 1 2 -40 4
4 1 3 -11 2
4 1 3 -13 2
4 0 4 -30 0
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