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    Manly training times/days

    Hi all, I'm interested in going to watch the boys train one day at the academy of sport in narrabeen. Does anyone know the times and days they train? I know it's probably always different. Or how can I find out? Thanks
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    Brenton Lawrence

    If he doesn't play this weekend I'll do a nudie run at half time against the eels
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    Too many weak links to win a comp

    This year we have way too many weak links to win a como. Hodges is useless. I have no idea why Matt Ballin doesn't play 80 minutes. Luke Burgess is the weakest front rower in the comp. Considering his big size, he should be making way more metres and hitting much harder. Peta Hiku is the...
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    No player is bigger than the club

    As much as I love players like Watmough, B Stewart, Foran, DCE, Matai ect if any of them want to leave, I say let them go. Of course any of them will be a big loss, but enough is enough. The players have been running the club for too long now. There is no I in team, and the club is more...
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    Hiku Can't defend

    Quite evident after Friday night. But also the last month of footy, if anyone has noticed, he regularly comes off his wing leaving 20+ metres for opposing wingers to run down the line. He gets caught out way too easy. I'd drop him and put Gutherson there. Or even Blair
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    Brett or Peta

    With Brett Stewart not getting any younger, and Peta Hiku still a young gun, would you rather work on re-signing Hiku to secure his long term future at the club, or re-sign Stewart for the few years left he has and risk losing Hiku to another club?? Personally I'd re-sign Hiku. I love Brett...
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    Glenn Stewart popular in Canada

    [attachment=400]Hey all, Im travelling Canada and currently in Toronto. Check out what I found. in a suburban area of Toronto. I know his name is spelt with 2 n's, but good enough. Just a little fun. Enjoy!
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    Past NRL Theme Songs

    Hey all, Ive just been downloading a few past nrl theme songs. 2012 was bon jovi with this is our house, 2010 was wes carr with feels woah. Can anyone remember what years were what songs? As far back as possible, cheers. [hr] Sorry people, I just answered my own question after further...
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    Wolfman could be out for 12 Months, Ballin worse than expected.

    Check out this article from nrl.com http://www.nrl.com/farah,-ballin-shape-as-finals-losses/tabid/10874/newsid/69383/default.aspx
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    Toovey not getting the best out of TREX, but Hasler WILL

    Its quite obvious that last year, big trex was playing much better (when he did play) than he is this year. And simply, it comes down to the coaching. I remember trex running onto and getting the ball in his hands at least 5-7 metres before the defensive line and running hard and steamrolling...
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    Photo's of the new stand at Brookie

    hi all, as ive recently been in canada for the past few months, and will ne until early next year, i have not had a chance to see the new stand at brookie. does anyone have pics? can you post them up here or maybe email them to me? it would be much appreciated, up the eagles! josh
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    Coming to you live from Canada

    Hey guys, I havnt posted in here for a while (i just read threads and comments), mainly because Ive been in sydney. For the past 3 months, Ive been living in Canada, where Ive subscribed to watch the mighty eagles live on LIVESPORT.TV. What a great service to keep up to date with all the...
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    Brett Stewart to Dragons, a done deal!

    Apparently he has signed a 4 year deal with the dragons worth 2.4mill? Sad to see him go :( news to break tomorrow (apparently)
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    Why no Brookie Home Semi Final

    I thought in the first week of the finals the top 4 teams get a home semi (a home semi at their normal home ground, not home city) I noticed we are playing at the SFS not brookie.. Thats bulls*%t.. anyone know why?
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    Salary Cap

    Does anyone know how much the salary cap is this year. Im pretty sure it has gone up from last year, but by how much. And what was it last year. The players these days are way too underpaid. The minimum wage should be $100,000 for a full time player. Its pathetic. :bdh:
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    Manly Vs Sharks on Fox Sports Tonight

    Fox sports are showing the round 3 game tonight at midnight if anyone is interested.
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    Manly Players Getting To The Game???

    I always wanted to know how they manly players got to brookie before a game... do they all meet at the leagues club and walk to the ground, do they all drive to the ground??... i very much doubt they would get a coach there but i have no idea.. Can someone help me lol. Cheers.
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    Matt King Manly Bound

    I doubt very much next year, but could be either 2008 or 09. Cannot say where this came from, but it is about 80% definate. Believe what you want so far.
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    Travis Burns

    Saw on the news today that he had a brace on his leg to support his ankle, and said that he was in some doubt. Can anyone give me some more info on this - is it serious?????????
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    Hey people.... I am currently selling one of the best peices of Manly memoribilia on Ebay at the moment. It is novelty bank notes with every player that has played first grade for the club this year. I have notes of the following players: ANTHONY WATMOUGH, BEN KENNEDY, BRENT KITE, BRETT...
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