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Recent content by seaeagles4life

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    Non-Manly Games [Round 20, 2019]

    A win next week and we are equal 4th. Melbourne v Souths and Roosters v Raiders.
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    Injury Update

    Dont risk playing any of the injured before they are 100% before round 12, if we jag 2 wins out of the next 3 games of Broncos, Sharks and Titans then we play Panthers without their SOO stars (and ours) so good time to have players returning. As well as that sets us up for 4 games (rounds...
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    Game Day: Manly v Raiders [Round 7, 2019]

    Brad Parker!! Future Immortal
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    Trent owes me $200

    I don't know what you are complaining about mate. I put on $50 (my largest single bet on a game) for manly to win 13+ at 12-1. I figure if I put it on them to win by 19+ I would have got 20-1 odds so I've lost at least double what you lost. @:D
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    Willis Meehan released

    Why is everyone so sure it's Willis Meehan? This story could just as easily fit Liam Knight, 'played one NRL game', from a "Sydney" club, 'no stranger to drama' after his drink driving incident and 'on his last chance'. Also wasn't he conspicuously missing from any roosters team last week?
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    Team vs Ipswich

    Probably 18th Man for the Firsts i would assume
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    NSW & Holden Cups - 2015 Round 23 Team Lists, Info & Results etc.

    NSW cup have 2 very winnable games coming up and should make the 8. 20s boys look like making the 8 too and first grade is coming home strong. imagine getting all 3 grades in the finals
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    Todd Carney Combined Mega Thread

    1. Stewart 2. Tom T 3. Matai 4. Hiku 5. Taufua 6. Lyon 7. Gutherson (Has kicking and ball playing skills) 8. Jake T 9. Ballin 10. Lawrence 11. Myles 12. Burher 13. Gallen (Money leftover from not spending on halves) 14. Lui 15. Burgess 16. Symonds 17. Sao 18. Leary 19. Mateo 20. Starling
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    2016 halves already done and dusted apparently

    Not likely to afford both DCE/Carney but I can see the club hedging their bets either way. 1.Stewart 2. Taufua 3. Matai 4. Hiku/Lyon 5. Trbojevic/Hiku 6. Lyon/Ashley Taylor 7. Carney/DCE
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    2016 Halves Choice Merged Mega-Thread

    http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-2015-brothers-kodi-and-jayden-nikorima-battle-for-vacant-spot/story-fniabm4i-1227195641924 What about trying to snare these two brothers, we could give them what they will never get at brisbane is the chance to play in the halves together. They are...
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    Mose Masoe and Lama Tasi are off contract and would come back from the Superleague. While we are there sign up Kallum Watkins for 2017 to replace Lyon or Matai. Luke Walsh, Scott Dureau, Tim Smith and Todd Carney are all running around in the SL too plus Maloney, Sezer etc here locally in the...
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    We have been through much worse than this.

    Realistically what type of team could we assemble in 2016 and beyond if we matched the offers that Eels and Titans have for both players. 2-2.4 mil for 2 players in a squad of 25. Would it be worth it then to turn around to players like say Matt Ballin and go we wanted to re-sign you but we have...
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    We have been through much worse than this.

    Yes I was at the game, definitely one to forget. Pre-game the players were appreciative of the away support they received but it certainly didn't translate to their performance.
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    We have been through much worse than this.

    If Foran really is gone, we have lost 4 great players over the past 9 months. No doubt it is a MASSIVE loss but seriously all the success we have had over the last ten years must have gone to most of your heads it is by far not the end of any sort of future success for Manly! The Salary Cap...
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