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Recent content by Roger

  1. Roger

    2019 Tipping Competition Open

    Ok back in for another year
  2. Roger

    DCE Tonight on Fox

    I watched it and thought he was very impressive, answered the questions honestly and didnt hide behind a lot of cliches, didnt give half answers or run from any question as whats been happening with any other Manly interview Sadly on this site its more about tearing down anything Manly than...
  3. Roger

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    This on going delay can only be good for us as if it was clear cut it would be done with, like others have said maybe they are trying to find a way out so they dont look as bad and also not affect every other club who has been doing the same thing
  4. Roger

    Who could this be in Rothfield’s column?

    and he didnt like any other comments that i noticed so it was a big hint, old news really
  5. Roger

    Comment by 'Roger' in pool '2018 Mick Colbran memorial Tipping Comp'

    Yep 1/3 so far just lucky parra suck more than us at the moment
  6. Roger

    2018 Top 30 Squad

    Guys this is pretty easy to solve, go to seaeagles.com.au and click on ‘Teams’ in the left hand menu and it will list 29 players including the just signed Hodkinson, maybe we only have to have 29 due to our salary cap issue Now for Myles, lussick etc I would think they still are counted under...
  7. Roger

    Will we lose points for the sin bin?

    From what I’ve heard this morning the sideline official did not stop his watch when there was a video ref stoppage and if you see the coverage of frank ponsi talking to that official who was his showing him his stopwatch, so it would seem it’s been a human error on the part of the nrl But in...
  8. Roger

    Comment by 'Roger' in pool '2018 Mick Colbran memorial Tipping Comp'

    So far 5/6 thought Manly were specials tonight
  9. Roger

    Cam Smith's "multiple threads- only one declared"

    Bit surprised this close to Origin but think he can see the tide is eventually turning and doesnt want to tarnish his reputation so will retire now instead of retiring in a losing team, selfish?
  10. Roger

    How low are you willing to go?

    The thing is once we beat the Broncos this weekend the whole thing will swing around and another club will come under pressure and im doubting we will lose Taupau as have Brown,Myles,Hastings and a few others coming off the salary cap
  11. Roger

    Announcement 2018 Tipping Competition Entry

    Done, back again for another year, its the only only tipping comp i enter and it helps Dan a little
  12. Roger

    Game Day: Manly v Tigers [Round 23, 2017]

    Can anyone tell me who was the player warming up for Manly in the number 20, looks a monster
  13. Roger

    Tipping comp week 22 update. (2017)

    Thanks for the random mention, think ive been around since close to the beginning of this site, just dont post a lot
  14. Roger

    LOL @ QLD

    Just proves that Referee Smith also picks the Origin team, Glasby first now Munster, no matter how much people go on about how good Smith is I just cant stand him and he gets away with so much, watch when he makes a tackle theres always knees or elbows in every single tackle to slow it down. I...
  15. Roger

    Sign Up Now for the 2017 Jan Davis Tipping Comp

    Thanks for the reminder, im now in

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 19 17 1 1 257 35
2 Storm 19 16 0 3 266 32
3 Roosters 19 14 0 5 282 28
4 Eels 19 14 0 5 100 28
5 Raiders 19 13 0 6 118 26
6 Knights 19 11 1 7 77 23
7 Rabbitohs 19 11 0 8 117 22
8 Sharks 19 10 0 9 10 20
9 Titans 19 8 0 11 -147 16
10 Tigers 19 7 0 12 -61 14
11 Sea Eagles 19 7 0 12 -122 14
12 Warriors 19 7 0 12 -127 14
13 Dragons 19 6 0 13 -82 12
14 Cowboys 19 4 0 15 -168 8
15 Bulldogs 19 3 0 16 -180 6
16 Broncos 19 3 0 16 -340 6
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