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Recent content by MuzztheEagle

  1. MuzztheEagle

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    No matter how it goes, I can't see us having our number 9 playing for 80 minutes next year. Probably some form of Cust/Levi/ZDC starting + bench, depending on how the off season and Levi's signing goes.
  2. MuzztheEagle

    2020 membership count

    Has anyone had a phone call today :)
  3. MuzztheEagle

    Egrets, I've had a few...(and some random pics)

    Moose? Did it leave a note?
  4. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Would it really be heaven without them?
  5. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Cool, so you seek to denounce atheism. Can you give me one fact that does so, along with the reasoning why you think it does.
  6. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    I didn't claim anything about the post (other than it's origins). Ad hominem cannot be extended to ideas I'm afraid. But, yes I'm probably pushing it by suggesting that their origins are questionable. But I am happy do discuss my logic on why I believe it to be so (and why I'm not going to...
  7. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Maybe you should spend less time trawling the dark corners of Reddit to find your "evidence" based posts and instead actually discuss things rationally :) But, I guess your posts do make one very good point. :p
  8. MuzztheEagle

    Izzy and the big philosophical questions...

    How about birth, followed by the absence of indoctrination? :p
  9. MuzztheEagle

    2020 - They’re serious.

    It might have been a tough day today: Good to see ZDC I'm guessing Elliot lost a bet...probably something to do with his last game? Also love the banter in the comments....could be a good group forming.
  10. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    These examples have been rattling around my head all afternoon and then I had a thought. How about the possibility that they are all flawed (if not bad) ideas. Yes the intention is clearly to help people and people do get help from them. But I wouldn't support or advocate for any of the three...
  11. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Please do. Or you could even answer it from your own perspective if you wanted (assuming you do some level of charity yourself) and feel free to ask me my opinion as well. It might be hard to imagine - but if someone offered you undeniable proof that the idea Jesus was not true (let's say time...
  12. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Maybe let's go back to this: When you say it depends on following the teachings of Jesus, does this mean the idea of charity or the idea that Jesus was (the son of) God? Or are the two mutually inclusive? Can someone retain their ideas of charity if they give up the belief the Jesus was (the...
  13. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Would would be your expectation though? Would you expect it to drop off or stop entirely? Keeping in mind that: "I don't know" is a perfectly valid answer
  14. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    You still haven't answered my question. Do you think it is Christianity and the belief that Jesus was the messiah that drives an individual's charity? If an individual was to give up on the belief that Jesus was the messiah, would they also give up (some portion) of their charity towards others...
  15. MuzztheEagle

    omnipotent beings discussion

    You didn't really answer my question. And I'm not trying to compare different religions. Is was instead asking; if you think identifying as Christian leads to an increase in charity? An in the example you game earlier. Imagining those people were to give up (or change) their faith, do you think...
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