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Recent content by mike walker

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    Merry Festivus ... and stay safe ...

    G'day all,Merry Christmas and a happy,healthy and prosperous New Year to all. cheers mike
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    Another Manly fan gone

    G'day all,Deepest condolences from the Walkers Budgewoi. regards mike
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    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 3, 2019]

    G'day all,So Klein and co are rubbed out for missing an off the ball incident,but no such misfortune for Sutton and I assume its the same female touchy(apologies if i'm wrong) who was two feet from the Burgess take out of Parker.Then you have Cecchin and Perenara who refereed a game with no...
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    Annesley admits ref mistake

    G'day all,So according to Annesley the officials were all made aware of the unpenalized incident the week before and the consequences of that inaction,using that as justification for sending Jake to the bin.The problem with that is if the officials were on high alert for off the ball...
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    Game Day: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2: 2019]

    G'day all,We also had two chances to snuff the play leading to the Jake incident but fell off the tackles.Make either of those stick and it doesn't happen either. cheers mike
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    Dessie blowing up deluxe

    G'day all,What I would like to know is what is the difference between what Jake did and an incident in the first half where after a break down the right we spin the ball left with the defence shot to pieces only for Waddell I think it was to be forced back inside and tackled whereupon we...
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    Pre Game thread: Manly v Sharks [Week 1 Finals, 2019]

    G'day all,Hopefully not too painful for us Mark? cheers mike
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    Crawley into the Scum/ Scam and refs.

    G'day all,The ref's all saw what happened to Cecchin after the sharks game,where he penalised them,and from memory binned Capt Scummo.Say no more. cheers mike
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    Storm tactics - Excellent Fox article

    G'day all,I'm another in the only thing Melbourne in them is the name camp,and from day one anyone who thought that somehow they were ever going to make any sort of dent into the popularity of AFL was/is living in la la land.As has been pointed out by others the fact that they have only produced...
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    This is how bad the refereeing is

    G'day all,I can tell you that Horsehead reffed in the Cronulla Junior League and was always a show pony. I umpired him at cricket one day and it was hilarious to listen to his teammates giving it to him as he ponced about. cheers mike
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    Morgan ‘Lance’ Boyle

    G'day all,I think it's as much to do with conditioning between the ears as too any physical one. cheers mike
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    Game Day: Rabbitohs v Manly [Round 17, 2019]

    G,day all, I played golf in Wollongong this morning or should say attempted. Wise choice Strone33. cheers mike
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    Curtis Scott

    G'day all, G'day all,No winners in this one.There are bigger issues in life than footy,which i'm sure we can all understand,and we can only hope that he can overcome his personal demons. cheers mike
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    Baldy Saunders

    G'day all, Given the fact that the wrestle has become a big part of the game maybe we should look at bringing him in to teach the boys some good old fashioned wrestling moves. Get them in the "Camel Clutch"that'll slow down those play the balls. cheers mike
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    G'day all, To this day I have no idea how I became a Manly supporter,i never lived there,never saw them on telly(didn't have one till I was about 10),never went to a game lived too far away and old man Walker was a Wests Magpies man,but somehow I was a Manly supporter and somehow Bob Batty was...
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