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Recent content by Mal Cochrane

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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Bulldogs [Round 3, 2020]

    let's see how the rule changes effect matches this week, could be some surprises depending on who adjusts better
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Bulldogs [Round 3, 2020]

    of late when manly are expected to win, they either don't or do so in somewhat unconvincing fashion. So i will just take the win whatever the margin.
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    G.I off to the U.K

    Did he get his payout from Souths though...or just a job at Souths to allow him to still get his money?
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    Greatest halfbacks

    I could always look to Des to get something started, Vautin mentioned the same in his book. DCE has a little more to go to earn being mentioned alongside toovs and des
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    DCE Too Agressive During Pay talks

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    MVP: Rd 2 Roosters v Sea Eagles

    Turbo Walker AFB
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    First time post / 3 Changes required

    too early for changes, but i am starting to think Marty to 2nd row for X factor if Sipley or Keppie can stand up to start sometime this year.
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    You've lost your minds

    Manly could use at least one high impact 2nd rower. Thompson can be solid without having much impact, and Sirro only has a few gun games a year, otherwise is somewhat ineffective
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    Coronavirus sucks.. but the NRL lives!

    during the press conference, have you ever seen Todd Greenburg so insignificant....
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    Top 29 announced ... today? (Yes - Top 30 Named)

    MANLY SEA EAGLES To look at the competition now, there are six teams that have the roster, experience and pedigree to win a premiership, and Manly are one of them. It was easy to be sceptical of Des Hasler’s return to the Sea Eagles – I certainly was – and even if the two-time premiership...
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    looks to be good fence jumping practice right there!
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    Lol, now what do you think
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    I thought his brain snaps somewhat diminished at the end of the year and was putting in some really good games
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    Curtis Scott (and others) - Offseason trouble

    has our hooker been officially stood down yet?
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