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Recent content by Mal Cochrane

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    Market value and the salary cap rort!

    Eels will get a great run this year, the NRL won't want an empty Bankwest Stadium.
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    I wld like to understand more of what transpired before hanging these 2
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    Kapow Re signs

    Next year starts the new decade in which Manly win GF's in every decade since the 70"s. Would be nice to get it out of the way in the next 3 years.
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    Zorba hooks into 9.

    someone else called it perfectly in the past, and that was he calls football as if he is calling a horse race.
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    Val Holmes .... Myth ?

    Much like Hayne and Latrell, devasting on their day, but too many days are not their day. Teddy and Turbo on the other hand.....
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    wonder why they are protecting the culprit and not protecting Manase and his potential career
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    Jake and Addin racing the clock to be fit for Rd 1

    There is nothing different between NZ compared to Somoa and Tonga etc on that logic. The NZ side is all made of of NRL players, mostly from an Australian NRL club, not a NZ local side. That leaves England Vs Australia
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    Representative honours (& game day thread)

    DCE "s issue is he is an opportunist, rather than a halfback who can control a game. It is not what this current australian side needs
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    Manase Fainu, and Church dance, and a sharp object.

    So no chance the victim is just trying to screw his career, when in fact he is not sure who stabbed him, or knows that someone else stabbed him? Is it clearcut with multiple witnesses?
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    Brett Finch enters mental health facility

    The Morning Show just reported on it.....whilst showing old footage of Brett and Glenn Stewart.
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    Samantha in strife (and medical retirement rorts)

    Saw this in an interview with Binji recently, he said it was not all about money for him
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    Samantha in strife (and medical retirement rorts)

    Add to that, apparently Binji Marshall signed on for 200k. What was Gifty offered and rejected due to underpaying?
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    Shame because he does draw in defenders and has quick play the ball. Just never seemed to kick on for whatever reason. Perhaps we need to use his money for positions we need depth in
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    2019 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    Canterbury look set to follow Canberra’s grand final example and raid the best English Super League talent in a bid to future-proof the Bulldogs’ front row. Walmsley, 29, and Thompson, 24, have played for England and will represent Great Britain in the four southern hemisphere Tests against...
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    Will Keppie be collateral damage?

    Hope you are correct, to date despite a little improvement, he looks like a bit of a plodder
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