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Recent content by Magic_Menzies

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    Rank our 2006 players

    1. Ben Kennedy 2. Brent Kite 3. Brett Stewart 4. Steve Menzies 5. Orford 6. Travis Burns 7. Anthony Watmough 8. Chris Hicks 9. Michael Robertson 10. Steve Matai / George Rose
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    New Rumour

    The new rumour is that Jamie :lol: Lyon wants out of his contract already. :drunk: :blaugh:
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    New Skipper

    Watmough was doing a bit of talking to the ref (not counting when yelling at the ref)
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    Does anyone have the stats from the Manly V Roosters game? Would be interesting to see how much meters King got :blaugh:
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    Team Line Up for Sharks

    I heard Rose is injured?
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    King Liability

    I was shocked when Tallis i think it was said "and a good hit up by King"
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    Well done Des

    I agree, the only thing I didn't understand was why he put Stephenson on the bench .... would have rather had another forward on their ... Cuthbertson actually.
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    King Liability

    Even my Mother who doesn't watch much Rugby League asked why Jason King is in the side, she was trying to claim he goes backwards each carry ... i think shes right
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    If only????

    I was surprised too see Robertson in the side, he saved our butt too much tonight, I would keep him in there for next week against the Sharks.
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    Pick the Score Rd1

    I'll go with Manly 36 Raiders 18
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    Manly Team Picked - Only One Surprise

    I don't understand what use Williamson will be on the bench if you got Burns on their also...
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    When does the side get named?

    Any idea when? I thought it would have been named by now, but obviously wrong, unless it's been named just not posted?
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    Scoop from the fan day

    If Matai has a bad game they will probably move Hicks too centre and have the wings as Stephenson and Robertson.
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    Where will we gather/sit this year?

    I'll be sitting on my lazy boy at home in front of the TV in Wellington. Hopefully moving to Australia this year, then I’ll be on the bank!!
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    New Official Website

    The site looking good, nice work too MSE.
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