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    Early Days - but who looks Impressive...

    Hard to see a winner outside of Chooks, Raiders, Eels, Storm and us
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    Team: Players Excelled in Other Sports

    He was a gun basketballer as well and if he kept at it probably would have played international there As a sidenote, Brendon McCullum kept Dan Carter on the bench of the NZ Secondary Schools rugby side
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    Team: Players Excelled in Other Sports

    As mentioned above Ridgey was a topline tennis junior with the McEnroe temperament Not really a pro sport but Brent Todd was involved in the surf lifesaving stuff Kevin Tamiti was the NZ heavyweight boxing champion at one stage I believe
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    NRL: Restarting May 28th. Grand Final Oct 25th

    Maybe these 2 idiots should be forced to sing the national anthem as punishment
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    Ranking the worst buys in NRL history - FOZ ROBBED!!

    Remember when Parra came in with big dough and robbed us of Aaron Cannings ? And can’t rememver if it was on here or the old Manly forum but it was like a funeral when the next big superstar Aaron Groome signed with the dogs
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    Ranking the worst buys in NRL history - FOZ ROBBED!!

    Woeful list How can you have a low priced buy like Jono Wright on there while not having the disaster that Ramien was in Newcastle
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    Best and worst Manly game - 1 Rule.....

    1 of my favourites would have to be the Brett Stewart comeback game v the Tigers after the allegations and bull**** suspension, seeing him blaze to the line with a smile on his face was outstanding
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    Manly Boys lie detector test..

    Must have been part of some cushy deal like Tallis got back in the day, Tallis has grown on me though because he can back up his strong opinions. Corey Parker is one I just fast forward as soon as I see his face The interview with Shane Van Gisbergen last week was appalling and then afterwards...
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    Manly Boys lie detector test..

    The best Manly skit is still the one on then Turbos last season with Johns dressed up as an old man Good topic to throw this comment into as well, have been enjoying flicking through the Fox League Live each night with the different mix of guests etc, but **** Sam Burgess is punishing. Big fan...
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    Help me build this Manly team !!

    Remember when we were that desperate we were claiming Mark Lennon as a huge signing because he played for Wales
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    Coronavirus sucks.. but the NRL lives!

    1 week into the lockdown over here, certainly a very strange experience. Dogs will be the fittest they have ever been with people out walking as the only thing to do I’ve been to the supermarket twice, limited people in the store so have to queue up to get inside, and had 1 days work as we had...
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    Big news over here

    No mate it has gone completely dead, maybe pushed back in the system a bit coz it was meant to come up a month back
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    So here we go

    They finally made a decision last year to restore the bloody thing which will start next year i think, may as well start on the 10tj anniversary lol
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    So here we go

    Just been out for a walk, surreal stuff with usually heaving places empty https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120576880/coronavirus-heres-what-new-zealand-looks-like-in-lockdown?cid=facebook.post
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