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Recent content by Jay Eagle

  1. J

    BEST Manly team ... for you.. Since you have been supporting them

    Hi All, here is a bit of fun to pass away the down time, lets come up with OUR OWN BEST Manly side, each to their own and theres only a few rules ( 3). 1- the players you select in your side (17 and two reserves Include a coach) you must have seen them play. 2- The players chosen must have...
  2. J

    Who brings the most / least to the league

    When I read the post header, it got me thinking, the game needs an overhaul and if there was one major it would be a reduce team comp. I think the game would be best served with 14 teams , playing 2 proper rounds and the player pool will be divided up with two less clubs , so basically 60 odd "...
  3. J

    Manly Forever 2020 video

    Simply the Best!! and shall I say BETTER THAN ALL THE REST
  4. J

    Which players are you most looking forward to watching in 2020?

    Anyone wearing a Manly Jersey, scoring points and making tackles!
  5. J

    Sea Eagles best last decade - pick your team

    1- Brett Stewart 2- Will Hopoate 3- Jamie Lyon 4- Steve Matai 5- Tom Trbojevic 6- Keiran Foran 7- Daly Cherry Evans 8- Brent Kite 9- Matt Ballin 10- Martin Taupau 11- Steve Menzies (may not have been playing for Manly last decade but was still playing and will always be Manly) 12- Anthony...
  6. J

    Could DES be thinking outside the box

    Yeah, agree and its now been pointed out that the Mole has written something along those lines. i was just reading through various posts and the thought came to mind so I thought I would share it and get some conversations started... it is the boring off season!
  7. J

    Could DES be thinking outside the box

    These are my thoughts but Des is also known for implementing new changes to how the game is played (strategically) especially from an ATTACK minded strategy. We all know his DEFENSIVE system and that works so he wont play around with that , but the attack I can see him looking to make a few...
  8. J

    Representative honours (& game day thread)

    Imagine what Tonga would be like if they had Frizell and David Fafita Jrn, Both Tongan heritage and both would be out of the Aussie side. then take away Papalli and Haas to the Samoan team and International Rugby League really starts to look serious, and the Aussies would still be Number 1 but...
  9. J

    Now they are questioning how we can afford such great players

    I think we only have to look at what we may have saved for 2020 and beyond to justify the roster we have. GONE: Perrett $200K Api $400K Hodgko $250K Elgey $350 Pay Cut Walker (pay cut) around $100 to 150K Thompson ( pay cut) around $100 to $150K just there its over $1.4 to $1.5 Mil so...
  10. J

    VERY interesting

    Yeah, Im 100% on the source and its a player manager, he has players in our first grade squad now and others coming through. I dont think I should tell all on who it is as he is a client of mine and we all know there are a few journos who get their articles from the mighty Silvertails forum...
  11. J

    VERY interesting

    No it's not Isaac and yes we discussed this... It looks like a certain player manager may be deregistered and there will be a huge amount of players looking for new representation... So to answer your question it doesn't seem Isaac is everyone's friend as not much good was said.
  12. J

    VERY interesting

    Yeah, that was in the back of my mind also, I actually didn't know that he was a Sports manager, Ive been doing some work for him on his house and we caught up for dinner last night and it just became part of the conversation.
  13. J

    VERY interesting

    Had dinner with a player manager last night, he has a few player on our roster. The interesting info that I can pass on is. Ben Turbo- is a future NRL star, he believes as good as Turbo in attack and defends hard like Jake Sione Fainu, Had 12 clubs chasing him hard, 2 of which offered him NRL...
  14. J

    Proud Eagle Joel Thompson wants pay cut to remain in Manly nest

    He's a Sea Eagles supporter growing up, followed the mighty Eagles religiously with his Nan..his living his boyhood dream so money isn't the issue.. Actually no different to any of us Silvertails we would dream of pulling on the Manly Jersey and run out in FG on Brookie. And we would do it for...
  15. J

    Players earning less than $150K in our side

    Correct BUT the list provided is for the 2019 season. his upgrade will be in next year and beyond ( 2 Years until 2021)

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Storm 14 12 0 2 206 24
2 Panthers 13 11 1 1 150 23
3 Eels 13 11 0 2 124 22
4 Roosters 14 9 0 5 156 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Warriors 13 5 0 8 -131 10
12 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
15 Broncos 13 3 0 10 -223 6
16 Bulldogs 13 2 0 11 -153 4
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