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Recent content by HK_Eagle

  1. HK_Eagle

    Coronavirus sucks.. but the NRL lives!

    Surely we can start by dropping the Titans out of the comp now. Why go on risking exposure to the three people who turn up to each of their games. Just give their opposing team the two points each week and cut down on exposure risk
  2. HK_Eagle

    NRL ( Financial Woes)

    Perhaps your friend could opt for the more affordable version, "Richest Man in Avalon"? ;)
  3. HK_Eagle

    Lack of trials

    We are all quite aware of the apparent first round losing stat for Manly over recent history. In fact, many supporters use the stat as if it actually causes us to lose the first round every year, and it's to be expected. Of course, historical stats don't cause us to lose games, but they may well...
  4. HK_Eagle

    Already hating the Captain’s Challenge

    or Tim Paine
  5. HK_Eagle

    Want to talk footy

    I wonder if he could polish DCE's kicking game if he had him? It raises the hairs on my neck to imagine what DCE would be with a couple of those Bellamy polishing touches... particularly kicking and consistently executing a game plan.
  6. HK_Eagle

    Other games round 1 discussion

    How embarrassing have the Cows been at home. Holmes a myth. Lots of boys puffing out there
  7. HK_Eagle

    Other games round 1 discussion

    Wow, I know Manly ain't playing this evening, but I would have thought people would be happy and appreciative to see some football and contribute to the game day thread. Has Corona toilet paper mania scared people off from pressing keys on their keyboards?
  8. HK_Eagle

    Other games round 1 discussion

    Wow, Holmes off to a superstar start to his RL return... NOT And on cue, to embarrass my comment he scores... He owed the Cowboys that one
  9. HK_Eagle

    Other games round 1 discussion

    Was that Bryce Cartwright who put in that garbage kick that handed the Raiders the ball when Titans had all the momentum and were getting back into the game? And was it him who let that last try in by getting sucked in and then making a poor tackle attempt near the try line?
  10. HK_Eagle

    News on 2019 jersey yet? Or 2020 one?

    If only companies could come up with an ounce of creative problem solving and keep their name off a jersey and being associated with crass commercialisation.
  11. HK_Eagle

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Yep... I'd be ashamed and stressed to the max to be even associated with one of those scenarios. So, to find yourself associated with two such situations one has to ask...
  12. HK_Eagle

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    So, from reading this thread I can conclude... if you're a Manly fan you are biased and deluded; pretty much the same as every other team fan out there. As much as we love to pump Parramatta and Bulldogs and Bronco's fans... we are all cut from the same cloth. Tribal loyalties that skew our...
  13. HK_Eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 3, 2019]

    He left that inside Vonnie. I noticed it there myself the other night, which was confirmed by half my department in the last few days.
  14. HK_Eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 3, 2019]

    I think you are elevating the Sutton Clan's status with that kind of talk, when in reality they are insecure human beings holding onto whatever power they can in this life.
  15. HK_Eagle

    Breaking News: Corruption Exposed at NRL HQ

    None higher than his own head up his a$$.
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