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Recent content by Harry Smith

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    New rules effect on Manly ??

    I don't think we need to worry about that. We were very good in defence again and the eels will crumple as they grow frustrated. A lot of the reason behind the high amount of six-again sets being conceded was through sympathy for the Dogs so there will be less. Big game but a huge opportunity to...
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    Game Day: Sea Eagles v Bulldogs, Sunday 31, May 2020 Discussion [Round 3, 2020]

    The eels are still as overrated as ever. What about their game vs Bulldogs rd 1, finished 8-2 and the dogs nearly won it. They have momentum due to their recent opponents but we are far too good defensively that they will get frustrated. I reckon we will win - but still have one half of this...
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    Game Day: Sea Eagles v Bulldogs, Sunday 31, May 2020 Discussion [Round 3, 2020]

    I don't care if Walker's game has been up and down, he is running the ball abit which is awesome
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    Walker absolute Key to 2020 Success

    I watched some manly highlights of 2011 lately and the one main thing ive noticed is that Snake, Foz and Dce were always, always there when breaks were made, as were players like killer, glenn stewart, roberston when an opportunity presented itself. We are improving our support play and...
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    BEST Manly team ... for you.. Since you have been supporting them

    Only old enough to genuinely follow since 2011 so pretty hard to fill in the number 11 1. Brett Stewart 2. Tom Trbojevic 3. Jamie Lyon 4. Steve Matai 5. David Williams 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Jake Trbojevic 9. Matt Ballin 10. Martin Taupau 11. 12. Anthony Watmough 13. Glenn...
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    omnipotent beings discussion

    Hahahah. You are definitely right here, it's the real believers i feel sorry for No need to worry I dont have the time to read more than a page of it @:D but that other one you mentioned doesn't sound too bad...
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    omnipotent beings discussion

    Religion is just a tool for leader figures to stay at the top and assert control. Interpretations of it change all the time and rewritten, followed, reinterpreted, rewritten, followed etc. I feel sorry for everyone who has been trapped by it in whatever form/type of interpretation. Most will...
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    Coronavirus sucks.. but the NRL lives!

    This is worrying but I too believe that if the nrl can make it through so will we. Do we rely on the leagues club at all for income?
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    Game Day: Chooks v Manly [Round 2, 2020]

    In my opinion our attack will be fine. Im loving Walker at 5/8, last week our attack was disjointed but our spine came to life for a lot of that game, especially early in that first half. Im glad croker came on and proved to be the smart, composed player he is. His execution wasnt s good as he...
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Chooks v Manly [Round 2, 2020]

    IMO Croker is the only one of our options (maybe Cust) that offers any chance of at least doing a job from the bench as utility/dummy half. He was very poor in rd 1, but needs to be used earlier I feel (50th-65th minute I reckon). He is a half and can at least assure ok service and some...
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    First time post / 3 Changes required

    Yeah, anyway to keep taupau on for longer the better (and conserve his energy). We have enough high quality props to let this work Our game against the storm was two of the best forward packs in the game and we wouldve won it with more match fitness and energy conservation . @Woodsie made some...
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    You've lost your minds

    Of course we were disjointed, but I really liked Levi's game and thought Walker, whilst way too quiet, had good involvements when he did have the ball and provided energy. He nearly broke through with some speed at one point. Levi is nice and direct and does everything with 100% confidence...
  13. H

    Who impressed? And who didn't?

    With that defence is going to be hard to miss the 8
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    Game Day: Manly vs Storm [Round 1, 2020]

    I think we 100% need to give them time before statements like this imo. I still agree with releasing Api. We need more direct, playmaking dummy halves in our squad to be a more consistent, consolidated threat. Croker isn't a choice, he is a neccessity at the moment until either levi can play 80...
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    Game Day: Manly vs Storm [Round 1, 2020]

    Surprisingly I'm pretty happy with our showing. Levi was direct and confident, but needs match fitness. Our energy died 60minutes in with fitness issues. Attack was disjointed (But ok in the first half) but defence was terrific. Once our attack get started in 2020 (hopefully season isn't...
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