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Recent content by Harry Smith

  1. H

    Mason Lino

    I think there'd be better options. He's OK imo
  2. H

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    I think we were at least capable of it against the raiders. If you look past our 3 minutes of horror against souths where they jumped out to a 10-0 lead it was us leading 26-10 until Jake’s Sin binning. If we had started fast against the raiders we could’ve done it. Don’t know about Roosters though
  3. H

    Bring back ‘Up the mighty Sea Eagles’

    Exactly. Eagle Rock is unique, we don't need to have a cheesy rendition of, as you said, a prehistoric, souths/dragons/sharks-like song imo.
  4. H

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    He’s a great player. Makes a lot of sense for both parties, especially if the roosters throw jake friend back in front of him after this seasons efforts.
  5. H

    Brings you back to reality

    I lived there for four years and bleak is the correct word. Great to be back home
  6. H

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    Paseka was our best forward for a few weeks at the end of the year. Him and Keppie main bench forwards in 2020 for mine
  7. H

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    Ash Taylor is Kane Elgey on steroids (and not good ones)
  8. H

    Annesley admits ref mistake

    They can't use hindsight in an instance like this to say "it isn't a try scoring scenario". Sam Burgess doesn't know that, he takes out Parker because he is worried of the potential for Parker to score a try. He doesn't have eyes in the back of his head to indicate otherwise. Glad they mentioned...
  9. H

    Lol @ Parra

    You should see their draw, if they hadn't had such an easy draw they'd be fighting to get a top 8 spot
  10. H

    The day after

    If eels win another match this year i think i will vomit I hope eels get absolutely thrashed this week. Roosters beat Storm, Raiders beat Rooster in the GF, or Roosters win GF and are subsequently stripped of it for cap rorting
  11. H

    We Had A Great Year

    Outstanding season. Little bit of refining with recruitment an we are genuine premiership threats for 2020.
  12. H

    Kotoni Staggs

    Imo one of the best up and coming players. Top 5-10. Huge signing if we could pull it off
  13. H

    Three most hated teams

    1. Eels 2. Storm 3. Panthers
  14. H

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 1, 2019]

    This is setting up perfectly. Eels gonna get so much hype (again) and are going to get absolutely destroyed next week
  15. H

    Matt Parcell

    I'd like it if cheap
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