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Recent content by Harry Smith

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    I still reckon Croker should be the main backup half. Metcalfe is level with Cust for mine now (Cust is no nonsense but uncreative, Metcalfe is an individual weapon, but will likely need to learn to play a team role better). Expect Metcalfe to jump Cust somepoint in this season. Croker just...
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    Game Day Thread .. 9's

    Only able to post now but my main thought from all this is that ZDC should be our last dummy half option. He was slow, completely indirect (always sideways or even backwards), had sloppy service and created no energy. Croker has a good kicking game and no-nonsense service, especially shown last...
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    Official 2020 predictions thread .. (non discussion)

    Manly 2nd to 4th NSW 3-0 Keppie most important bench player Trex to grab a spot on the bench by seasons end (due to injury and form) Storm slide to 5th-7th Eels start strong, but finish poorly. Either 5th or knocked out in straight sets.
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    Silvertails Site in danger

    To be honest I feel the reason for a recent decline over the last year is the fact that the team is in a better place. Tooveys controversial sacking, dce and foz contract drama, rapid on-field decline and negative culture changes under Tbaz led a lot of frustrated people to talk on forums (I...
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    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    What account posted it? Was it Sipleys or the Manly account
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    I thought Australian gangs were mostly a myth until this. They make me cringe. It like a cool kids club for the dumb and tryhard. Very disappointed in fainu and afb if they are involved in anything like that Hopefully this whole drama has des kick them back on track
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    The buzz

    1. Sydney Roosters 2. South Sydney Rabbitohs 3. Canberra Raiders / Manly 4. Manly Sea Eagles / Raiders 5. Parramatta Eels 6. Melbourne Storm 7-8. Broncos/Cowboys/Sharks Not end of world if not top 4, but IF a dummy half is reasonable and does a job, and major injuries are avoided then we can...
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Definitely Send it to the club. Don't think Facebook is a good idea though
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    Quad Turbo

    She goes/just finished at my school. I never thought they were related cause that 'h' thing at the end of the name. So weird
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    2020 JERSEY PIC

    Also, how bad does the current nrl logo look on jerseys. It’s so lifeless
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    2020 JERSEY PIC

    Not a fan. Away is ok. I don’t understand why our shorts are so ****. Why dont we have any design on the shorts, and the material looks weak (? dont know how to describe it, like gym shorts)
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    Danny Levi

    I would like it
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    2020 Draw out now!

    Im a fan. Wish we'd get to play the Storm again though
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Disappointing but not world ending for manly. Absolutely stupid of him, trying too hard to act tough, why bring a ****ing knife to church. Still glad we got rid of Api, he's good (inconsistently) but not good enough to direct a side to a premiership imo (unless he would've been happy to be bench...
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    season opener home game

    Perfect way to open the season
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