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Recent content by delz

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    Club news

    How did they go ?
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Storm [Round 24, 2019]

    Hi Mark, Yes I was there !! It was actually 27,000.. and yes we lost to Parramatta that day..
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    Jake avoids ban

    Why give him a rest ??? We need our best players on the field. We haven't done anything yet while we are in a good position we haven't automatically qualified for the Finals yet.. We need to keep winning and hopefully sneak into the Top 4. Every game from here is crucial !. Knights will not be...
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    Jack Gosiewski

    It was Jack in the game against the Bronco's
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    Get to Brookie this weekend!

    Yes seriously if we don't get close to a full house for this game on Sunday there are no excuses for us Manly fans. Sunday arvo (weather looks great) against our arch rivals Parra ! Its a big game and we need as much support as possible. !!
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly vs Parra [Round 18, 2019]

    Why arn't these professional footballers up for every game!! They shouldn't need to have to have a kick up the backside they should be fired up and ready to go week in week out. It so frustrating when you hear coaches and players saying they were "flat" and "not hungry enough"...
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Rabbitohs v Manly [Round 17, 2019]

    He didn't back up because he gave the pass to Ferguson just before getting tackled.
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    Brookvale Oval (Lottoland) - Condition

    Great to see that something positive came out of the criticism the ground received. Thanks for the report Blucky..
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    Brookvale Oval (Lottoland) - Condition

    Interesting to note that the SG Ball & Harold Matthews Cup sides played at Brookvale Oval . Just wondering if anyone went there and can give a pitch report. Found it interesting they played on it considering the criticism of the ground only a few weeks earlier ??
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    Sydney FC to host A-League game at Brookvale

    Who in their right minds vote these morons on to to the Council ! I don't live in the area but its obvious that their bloody ignorance and inability to ensure that their prime sporting venue (Brookvale Oval) is up to standard borders on incompetence and a lack of understanding. They don't...
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    Sydney FC to host A-League game at Brookvale

    Not surprised. As previously mentioned the soccer boys need a flat smooth and fast surface of which Brookvale is not. Yet another black mark against the bloody council who once again due to their incompetence as lost a great opportunity of gaining much needed sports exposure on the Northern...
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    Brookie Oval photo: you be the judge

    It will be interesting to see how much work they (council) have done on it and what it looks like when the soccer boys (Sydney FC) play on it. It will be a big test on its condition especially when the ball needs to roll on a flat and smooth surface.
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    More training pics

    Did we win !!!!
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    Approved $ 36.1 million funding for centre of excellence

    Thanks The Wheel as always you are right on the ball with info .. Cheers
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    Approved $ 36.1 million funding for centre of excellence

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn't someone give us a Grant sometime ago for around $20M and we were just waiting for some more funds to confirm and complete the Project. If someone with a better memory than mine and with some more knowledge can confirm that would be great !
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