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Recent content by Batty

  1. Batty

    Silvertails Site in danger

    Biggest thing for visitors would be seeing that certain posters get away with blatant name calling, belittling of others. Some do not. Mods appear to use discretion with this dependent on how well they know certain members.
  2. Batty

    2020 9's Jersey

  3. Batty

    NRL 9's in 2020

    Pretty sure Toad Greenflog has already looked the footy gods in the eye and informed them to curse the Sea Eagles whenever and wherever possible.
  4. Batty

    Why bulldogs could be denied Foran cap relief

    Yeah I realise it’s the rules... I just think there’s zero logic. The NRL has the ability to manipulate salary caps by allowing certain medical retirements (regardless of insurance medical rulings) however doesn’t have a fair system whereby a team can be compensated when losing a $1m player for...
  5. Batty

    Why bulldogs could be denied Foran cap relief

    Souths can “medically retire” 2 players for existing issues for a combined $2.5m outside the cap yet the Dogs can only get $350k for an injury that happened in an NRL recognised international.
  6. Batty

    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    Great video on Instagram of Tee Sips welcoming Levi to the team with a series of multiple head slaps. Quite funny. Not sure if it’s possible to post...?
  7. Batty

    Silvertails NRL Supercoach 2020

    I’m in.
  8. Batty

    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    Same as last year really. Great to see the juniors stepping up to the plate. Premiership window is opening....
  9. Batty

    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    Opinion on Levi: Considering we are in desperate need of a legitimate 9 for the 2020 season - a NZ and Samoan international, at 24yrs of age, for $225k is a steal.
  10. Batty

    To Fix In 2020

    Yep. Fair enough. Would still prefer tries be scored out wide than through the middle. I’m a big fan of up and in defence. Personal preference though obviously. I don’t think we have to tweak much to be a defensive force in 2020.
  11. Batty

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    I think if you compared Dessies lost diamonds vs his rocks to diamonds stories it would be a tale of overwhelming coaching success. Ps - the year Cook was released they made the semis. The year after cook was released they made the qualifying finals. Perhaps at that point in time, Des thought...
  12. Batty

    To Fix In 2020

    I don’t think allowing opposition to go to the air is a bad thing. Grubber clean ups is definitely something to improve on. I’d prefer these options rather than backline plays that walk through our defence though. Almost a concession from the attack that they’ve run out of ideas and are happy...
  13. Batty

    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    1) Turbo 2) Tafua 3) Parker 4) Suli 5) Garrick 6) Walker 7) DCE 8) Taupau 9) Levi 10) AFB 11) Siro 12) Thommo 13) Jurbo 14) Cust 15) Keppie 16) Sipley 17) Paseka
  14. Batty

    Ok - we got Levi - Top 17 ??

    We don’t have a 9 (Api released and Fainu gone) and you’re unsure why we want him...?
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