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Recent content by ALac

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    funny usernames

    Yes i have often seen such kind of usernames in different forums and specially on Facebook, The most funny one for me is the name of that person who set his user name as "Anal" , which i read in a health forum.
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    Dear Asian ladies

    It is also funny for me, you know why i think you afraid of your wife so you are give explanation to her though this way. That is natural thing dude i also cant speak in front of my wife if i will she will kill me. Lol
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    do you like the new NRL Logo

    Yes i like , but i think the previous logo was more attractive one. The main thing about logo is that it give the identity to a team so it should more attractive.
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    Hello every one; I am new in this forum so i want to introduce myself. I am Alaxzander from Albama city (USA). I recently join this forum to find the solutions and also for discuss the problems which i am facing day by day. Hopefully you guys help me.Thanks to every body. God help you always.
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