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MWTS Round 3 Gold Coast 23 MARCH

Discussion in 'MWTS by Ambassador Holidays' started by Mark from Brisbane, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Hi guys

    In essence our MWTS Gold Coast trip is now full BUT, I can squeeze a few onto the coach for the out and back and pre function part (meaning you would need your own game ticket) if any one would like to join us, cost for that is $60 a head


    Meet point is Robina Tavern


    The MWTS coach will be there about 1.00pm, there will be a roped off area for Manly fans on the back deck overlooking the little lake.

    The tavern has $10 lunch specials plus a full menu of the usual other stuff.

    It also has a courtesy coach to and from Skilled Stadium.

    The MWTS coach will be leaving at 3.30pm for Skilled Park, the game time is 4.30pm (local QLD time)

    We are seated in the away supporters bay (S16), if you haven't bought tickets to the game yet that's the place to be, not the best view BUT the most fun.

    My understanding is the official post match function being run by the club (at the Sofitel) may in fact be full BUT you might be able to be squeezed in, give them a call or send them an e-mail never know membership@manlyseaeagles.com.au

    Hope we can see a few Silvertailers on the day!!
  2. vidmar

    vidmar Well-Known Member

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    Queensland….We always win in Queensland…..!

    Well, off we head north again and hopefully the run of fantastic form we have been seeing so far from the boys will continue.

    A brilliant and vocal showing from the MWTS at Suncorp and a look at the Ticketek site indicates that yet again we will massively outnumber the Titan Legion at their own ground!

    The usual area that the Manly fans head for - Bays S14 & S 15 (GA bays ajacent to the “official” away bay of S16) - are already listed as “allocation exhausted” but there are apparently (as of writing) some seats available in S16

    See here for details http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=TITANS2013

    To add to Mark's info above....

    Many folk are heading up on Friday night so you’ll no doubt see a few around if you’re up there.

    By all means post here where you are looking to be if you are keen to attract others ?

    There are of course lots heading up on the Saturday morning, myself included so will no doubt see you all in and around town/hotel etc when I get there.

    As usual, here is some info/tips etc for those travelling.

    The food court in the domestic terminal in Sydney is a good spot to find others heading to the game – generally down towards the maccas end – say G’day and introduce yourself and swap plans if you feel like it – I’ve seen strong and firm friendships (and even a couple of weddings!) result from this simple gesture…

    The cheapest transport from the GC airport to town is public transport (bus) – see the thread here for more

    The Crowne Plaza surfers is home for many during the weekend and that is where the MWTS bus will be leaving from on Saturday lunchtime – You must have booked this to get a ride on it – see Mark's post above..

    See here for how to get to/from the game otherwise

    NOTE- Driving to the ground is not reccomended as the Transport Management System that closes down big chunks of the area of the ground will keep you miles away – USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT IF YOU CAN

    There is a pub in the Crowne Plaza complex where there may be a few having a cold drink before getting on the bus so worth poking your head in to say G’day if you are in the locale (Go out of the main entrance of the hotel and turn left and follow the building around – you can’t miss it (I think the road is called First Avenue – check with the concierge if you are not sure)

    The bus will be leaving around 12.30 to head closer to the ground

    As mentioned above Pre-game meeting venue is as usual the Robina Tavern.

    Iconcur with Mark - Good food and reasonable prices, kid friendly (they even have an enclosed childrens area for the kids to play http://robinatavern.net.au/facilities/kids ) and typically attracts a predominantly Manly supporters crowd.

    They used to have a free shuttle to take people to the ground but I can’t see reference to that on their site so worth a call to confirm if you want to check?

    The Sea Eagles Merchandise van will be parked at the tavern selling a wide range of supporters gear from around 12.00 noon (to be confirmed) so bring your cash and cards and have a look at what takes your fancy (remember to bring your membership card to get your discount?)

    The van will be there until around 2.00pm (to be confirmed) and will then be moving to the Robina Station area to allow those traveling in by that route to get gear.

    NOTE: Purchases from the van go directly to our club –Profits made on sales of the Manly gear at the ground go to the Titans so if you can consider that if you are looking to get stuff it would be appreciated?

    The location in the ground is detailed above – WORD OF WARNING:- The security and gate staff have in the past been a little “over zealous” regarding…..well anything…

    I’ve seen and heard of people having issues with banners, home made food (sarnies) and drink being brought in, size of cameras, the way people breathe or look etc so I’d suggest that everyone is their usual sweet and polite self and we help them do their job by moving in to the ground in a controlled and responsible manner? – Just saying like…..?

    I’ve also seen “issues” with officials on the park but that of course is another story – that said you may recognise a familiar face out there with a whistle – let’s be nice to him eh?

    Post game we’re off to the post match function at the Sofitel (which is a sell out) to celebrate a (hopefully!) HUGE win!!!

    Have a good trip everyone – Do it safely and GO MANLY!!!
  3. Brookie4eva

    Brookie4eva Well-Known Member

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    I nearly cried a little when I saw the officials list, I've only been to Skilled Park once before in 2009, and going for the second time on Sat, and if I fully express my thoughts on what the officials did that day I might get banned by the Mods.
  4. EagleRock40

    EagleRock40 Well-Known Member

    Ourimbah, New South Wales
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    We arrived up here yesterday to pretty ordinary weather but today is much better with some blue sky and about mid 20's. Hope to see many Manly jerseys out and about today and tomorrow and a huge Manly fan base at the game on Saturday. On the flight up i was thinking of songs for the titans and came up with this, same tune as my garden shed -
    Our Jamie Lyon
    (Our jamie lyon)
    Was never gunna sign
    (Was never gunna sign)
    Our jamie lyon was never gunna sign
    Hes our centre of excellence
    Our jamie lyon was never gunna sign!

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